Fortune Morgans & Aussies is located about 10 miles north of Wichita, Kansas.
We moved to this location in 1975.

We made our first trip to Funquest Farms in 1971. We had been given a Funquest catalogue, had perused it thoroughly, and now couldn’t wait to “meet” our first Morgans ever “in person”. The day was overcast and there was a mist, but it only made the green grass appear even lusher. The sight of the large herd of Morgan mares with their foals gave me goosebumps and I will always, always recall that feeling.

When we walked out in the pasture with the Morgans, we had such an experience. Our guide, Clifford Stice, who was then the trainer there, did his best to tell us which mare we would be looking at, but just as soon as he could get the words out, another mare would crowd in, wanting our attention. These Morgans were people horses!

Funquest Farm was a little less than three hours away from our home, so even if we couldn’t sort the mares out on that first trip, we soon found ourselves making the trip there very often. After each trip, we could identify maybe one or two more mares without Clifford’s coaching. Of course the first mare almost any visitor would see was Funquest Fannio. She was the official “greeter” and would crowd in front of all the mares until she was patted sufficiently. A lovely, typy dark chestnut, with a very long and wavy mane, Fannio was the epitome of “Morgan.”
We never ended up with Fannio, but all of our mares that had foals for us were Funquest mares or their daughters. We have traveled and looked at many breeding programs, and still feel to this day that we have never seen any broodmare bands the equal of that of Funquest. We have basically crossed our mares on either Funquest stallions, or on our Breezy Cobra son, Dove’s Airon. Airon was a Flyhawk/Senator Graham bred stallion, whose lines were similar to the Funquest lines, and we liked the cross very well. We now stand Funquest Antigo, Funquest Roadmaster, Fortunes King Cobra, and have bred for the 2008 foal crop, Fastrack Thunderbird, a young stallion that we purchased from Nancy Eidam, who is strong in Funquest Roadmaster and Funquest Monarch lines.

We have not tried to “improve” on Mr. Hazard’s breeding. We have tried rather, to study and learn, and to continue the lines of those mares we felt were the best individuals and the best producers. We are proud of all the Funquest horses that we have owned (32 individuals) and are equally proud of those Morgans that we have produced here. We plan to continue the Funquest legacy to the best of our ability and to bring honor to Mr. Hazard’s breeding program.

Checking out the foal crop with Mr. Hazard

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